Custom portal solution perfect for specialized business

JMJ Construction, based in Waukesha, Wisconsin, is a relatively new general contractor, launching their small business earlier this summer.

The company is a niche operation, focused on construction work for government agencies in renovations and build outs from the ground up. Their clients include the U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Force and the State of Wisconsin.

Vice President Bridgette Wiggins says serving such a specific industry meant JMJ was eager to outsource for a dependable payroll company.

“We were talking to our bonding agency and one of the agents who had worked with IPS for years recommended them to us,” says Wiggins. “We committed to finding someone that we could trust to do payroll right the first time and work with a knowledgeable staff that understands our specific needs. We wanted a payroll provider that would not require a lot of our time and energy.”

What IPS provides to JMJ is a unique offering. It’s a custom-built online portal to fit their needs as a government contractor.

“We have several legal requirements we have to fulfill, such as weekly certified payroll reports,” adds Wiggins. “There are special needs for pay scales in our payroll because of different jobs in our industry.”

It’s why IPS set up JMJ with a time and attendance system and certified payroll.

“The government determines if you are doing a certain amount of work and for what kind of job, so an employee will receive a certain pay rate,” says Pete Feaman of IPS. “The workers have to punch in on a mobile phone based on their job. Our system offers that. It’s like doing payroll every single day, though it’s not unheard of because it’s common in the construction industry.”

As the business gained more government contracts, JMJ has grown to ten employees. Wiggins says the IPS solution is incredibly easy for staff to follow.

“IPS made the program user friendly and mobile friendly for our employees in the field. We spend fewer hours trying to sort out anything related to payroll in the office. The reports are automatically generated, so we don’t have to create them each time. I can access them with a click of a button.”

Along with the accuracy of payroll operations, the quality of customer service is equally as important to JMJ.

“I truly appreciate how any question or concern I’ve had, there’s an answer from IPS by phone or email within minutes. They are spectacular about responding immediately to anything we need,” adds Wiggins.

When I look at the cost of running payroll through IPS and compare it to taking it on ourselves, it is 100 percent worth every penny we spend. Outsourcing with them is cost-effective and much less stressful for us. It’s definitely more bang for our buck.”