A Different Kind of
Payroll Company

IPS offers the customer service and attention to detail our competitors simply can’t match.  A family owned and operated business with a dedicated team of licensed CPAs and support staff, we take pride in helping each and every one of our clients succeed.

Attention to Detail.

Attention to Our Customers.

Many organizations make due with substandard payroll services because they simply don’t know that better options are available. IPS is that better option; we help companies save time, save money and better engage their employees.
We are reliable, available and responsive because we understand how important payroll is to a company and its employees – it’s something that should never be taken for granted. And we never do.
In matters of payroll, it’s important to have technology that works with you, not against you. Our HCM tools are always flexible, easy to use and integrate, and ready to meet expectations.

The Best Team in Their Field

An avid outdoorsman, John once won a big air snowboarding competition.

John Feaman


Ever been to Brule, Wisconsin? Whether it’s kayaking, canoeing, trout fishing or hunting, Pete and his family live by the mantra, “It’s better in Brule!”

Pete Feaman

Vice President

Dan comes to IPS with two decades of experience in the payroll industry. When he’s not working, Dan loves to coach youth sports – football, basketball and baseball.

Dan Gotzler

Vice President Of
Sales & Marketing

Not only is Ashlie an expert in payroll logistics, but she's also known for her delicious bakery skills around the office.

Ashlie Bruce

Implementation Lead

Diane is a fan of the TV show “Survivor.” She’s fascinated by the idea of dropping off strangers on an island to fend for themselves and learn how to get along.

Diane Koenig

Senior HCM Specialist

Sarah’s goal is to vacation in all 50 states. She’s currently at 20+ and counting. And no, driving through a state doesn’t count!

Sarah Kempf

Client Service Lead

When she’s not quilting, knitting, hiking or reading, Alyssa can be found cheering on any Wisconsin sports team, especially the Packers.

Alyssa Jones-Plutte

HCM Specialist

It could be said that Debbie enjoys alternative forms of transportation; she loves horseback riding and even competes in eventing!

Debbie Polly

Tax Specialist

Christina’s ideal workday is accomplishing challenging tasks with ease. If she had a superpower, Christina would choose teleportation to eliminate commuting time.

Christina Van Beck

HCM Specialist

Along with Mikayla's passion for critical thinking, problem-solving, time management, and learning, she also enjoys yoga, hiking and the Green Bay Packers.

Mikayla Burt

HCM Specialist

Career Opportunities

Come work where you are appreciated and respected each day, every day. A company’s employees are its greatest asset and should be treated as such. Join IPS and we promise to support you both personally and professionally at every opportunity. All we ask in return is for you to work hard and be kind. The rest will take care of itself.

Industry Partnerships