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In addition to real-time access to current payroll reports, our platform offers historical records that are easy to archive and retrieve. Standard reports include:

  • Payroll register
  • Payroll summary with cash requirements
  • Department/Labor reports
  • Tax liability summary
  • Benefit accruals
  • Check/Direct deposit registers

Our system comes with hundreds of built-in reports to accommodate most common data requests. In addition, our report writer module allows for maximum customization from any data element in the system. At any time, HR, payroll and benefits data can be combined into a comprehensive workforce report with export capabilities.

With ever-changing federal and state regulations, paying payroll taxes can be complicated. IPS helps relieve the burden of tax filing by processing, filing and paying all payroll related taxes to the appropriate agencies. This provides the benefits of a local service with the proper security needed for payroll taxes. IPS can assist with any and all of the following:

  • Paying and filing state and local payroll taxes
  • Preparing and filing 940, 941, 943, 944 quarterly returns with the IRS
  • Preparing and filing employee W-2’s
  • Preparing and filing 940 Unemployment Tax returns
  • Providing and filing 1099-NEC forms

Our user interface imitates the language of the court order to ensure the employer accurately executes every order. This relieves the employer of the burden to interpret and calculate the garnishment by hand and add a deduction for the correct amount.

Whether solving problems such as accuracy, interpretation of the order, or payments generated to the agency, you can be confident that our system can handle it. Multiple garnishments are sequenced which provides an accurate calculation for every garnishment. When a limit is reached, we will stop the deduction and always keep track and apply arrears. IPS also manages child support ACH payments and agency checks to satisfy payments.

IPS takes the hassle out of PTO. Whether sick leave, vacation, or floating holiday, IPS manages them all. We’ll even assist with defining or modifying benefit accruals. After building the policy, accrual rates, and limits, our technology automates the entire accrual process, and then offers reports showing hours earned, used, the dollar value of the liability for accounting ledgers and available balances on every payday.

Bottom line, IPS streamlines the process. Employees have the ability to submit time off requests electronically; supervisors then receive email notifications requiring review/action, the approval/denial is performed in our software and email notifications occur for each status change. Our time off calendars will even inform administrators and supervisors of upcoming days off.

Pay As You Go
Calculate and deduct workers compensation premiums on a per payroll basis. This decreases the hassles of audits and eliminates the need for large lump sum payments at the beginning of the year. You’ll experience better cash flow management and will eliminate check writing and down payments from the process.

Annual workers compensation audits are performed by most insurance carriers. It is vital for employers to easily report on workers compensation classification codes and eligible wages. IPS allows employers to track workers compensation premiums each payroll. Simply provide workers compensation rates and classification codes and reports will automatically generate.

The General Ledger contains all the accounts for recording transactions relating to a company’s revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities, and owners’ equity. It is the central hub for accounting data transferred from all subledgers such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed assets, purchasing, cash management, and projects.

Save Time and Be Accurate
Avoid having to re-input data from IPS reports into your accounting software. A simple importable file can be generated for your convenience!

How It Works
With a simple setup process, IPS will work with you to map your payroll information to your accounting software.  What if you don’t use traditional QuickBooks software? Not a problem! We work with our clients no matter the accounting software used.

Your Mobile Experience

Our mobile app gives your employees the access and control they need to take ownership of their payroll. With our newly-designed and user-friendly iSolved technology, it’s easier than ever to:

  • Access pay histories
  • Download multiple past pay stubs
  • Update tax forms and W4s
  • Oversee direct deposit logistics

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