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Effectively Manage Your Workforce.

Improve employee engagement by providing interactive access to their benefits, compensation and performance:

  • Managers can access their team’s vital career data, including training, salary and career development information
  • Employees can maintain their own profiles, have access to pay stub details (current and past pay periods) and view and print their W-2 online
  • Employees can submit time off requests and seek approval from their manager
  • Employees can enroll in benefits online, with the ability to select insurance plans, enter dependents and beneficiaries, and update benefits when life events occur

Our onboarding tools streamline the process and allow the new hire to enter information directly into the system, preventing duplicate data entry. The system then notifies the appropriate personnel and walks them through each task, form, and step of your company’s orientation. All of these tools are customizable which allows you to collect as little or as much information as you desire.

Once onboarded, the data continues down the stream to time, payroll and benefits enrollment.

Navigating the stormy sea of compliance is a workforce management challenge for all. Avoiding costly penalties and trying to remain compliant is made even more difficult by The Affordable Care Act, FMLA, ERISA, COBRA, and FLSA.

Our solutions provide you a hassle-free experience where you can easily build the reports you need to make critical decisions, identify trends, recognize trouble spots, and gather analytical information.

It is critical to stay on top of trends and make informed decisions. With IPS dashboard tools, graphs and charts display your choice of information in a format that is quick and easy to understand. These metrics include:

  • Location
  • Gender, age and ethnicity statistics
  • Department
  • Hiring, tenure and turnover statistics
  • Payroll by earnings types – regular, overtime, bonuses, commissions

New performance management tools provide employees with a clear understanding of the progress they are making towards career goals and objectives throughout their professional journey. These tools also allow managers the ability to quickly identify rising stars in the company, pre-load review templates into the system and tailor career paths to the organization’s greater betterment.

Teams that are fully engaged and armed with universally accessible performance data, 360-degree feedback processes and recognized & shared goal-setting mechanisms will go on to foster greater employee development and talent retention.

Your Mobile Experience

Use our newly-designed and user-friendly app to onboard and engage employees faster than ever. Thanks to the latest HR technology from iSolved, you will have the ability to:

  • Activate employee messaging tools
  • Acknowledge document read-and-reviews
  • Update personal information, including relevant contact profiles

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