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It’s About Time.

Reduce your labor costs with better time clock management. IPS allows you to manage data from anywhere and receive constant updates.

Electronic Time Clock
Mountable time clock unit; employees clock in and out by entering a pin, swiping their badge or punching in their SSN.

Biometric Time Clock
A similar mount as the electronic clock, the biometric time clock uses employee fingerprints to securely clock employees in and out.

Net Time Clock
Instead of using cards or badges, employees “enter” their time at a terminal or kiosk; the time is then recorded on the server.

Self Service Time Clock
Input time by logging into the web-based interface. Employees and supervisors can track time entries, accruals, schedules and enter requests – all from one location. It also allows for easy updates to personal information.

Efficiently track costs associated with projects and organize them by employee, department and task-type. No longer do employees have to recall how many hours they worked on a project or have accounting staff track down receipts and invoices.

With actual vs. projected reporting, you can truly understand productivity and profitability on a project-by-project basis, and use that knowledge to directly impact your bottom line.

Employees simply record job in/out entries via the clock keypad or optional bar code wand/gun. A task database is then created and multiple tasks quickly assign to a job. It all works to eliminate the need for repetitive data entry.

IPS makes creating employee schedules painless and helps reduce the time spent on scheduling and tracking attendance. Easily build employee schedules, monitor attendance, and compare schedules vs. time worked.

Time Card Features
Get at-a-glance details on employee timecards, where you can see the assigned schedule and actual hours worked, with associated alerts instantly.

Configurable Attendance Rules
Users can build customized attendance rules and send employees to suitable shifts.

Three Different Shift Setups

  • Single – the most common type of schedule, it allows users to set up a shift and define start/stop times. A single shift allows for shifts to run greater than 24 hours.
  • Open – for companies that only need to track if an employee showed up and worked his/her assigned hours for the day. Open shift only tracks unscheduled absences, over hours and under hours.
  • Multi-Level – as a hybrid-type shift, it allows users to define multiple shift start/end times. As employees clock in, it relies on the attendance rules to assign the appropriate shift for each employee. All of the shifts are made available when scheduling employees, giving the flexibility to assign a single shift within the multi-level definitions.

Scheduler Features

  • Ability to filter employees while scheduling
  • View your schedule by day, week, two weeks, four weeks or six weeks
  • Shows both absences and holidays on the schedule
  • Copy and/or move shifts from one employee to another or to multiple employees
  • Copy all employees’ schedules forward
  • Click-and-drag scheduling of employee shifts

Employees have the ability to see leave balances and make time off requests online. Supervisors can view these leave requests in the context of business schedules or other employee leave requests, and approve or deny requests online.

Our mobile app features:

Stored logins
The mobile app now saves your login credentials securely in the app. No more entering your login each time!

Mobile punch
Your time clock in a pocket. Employees can quickly punch in and out for work as well as for meals and breaks.

View pay stubs
View your complete pay stub with mobile HCM and get a complete, detailed look at your earnings, deductions and taxes on one easy-to-read screen.

Request time off
Request time off right from your phone with the mobile app using an intuitive calendar and a feature that shows your time balance.

View accrual balances
View all your accrual balances with just a few taps. Each balance displays current, pending and year-to-date taken amounts along with a detailed breakdown.

Your Mobile Experience

Perfect for today’s at-home, mobile and hybrid workforces, IPS technology helps employees and managers alike stay on top of ever-changing work schedules. Use our newly-designed and user-friendly iSolved app to:

  • Punch in/out from any location
  • Oversee time cards and calendars
  • Request and schedule time off
  • Get important notifications – such as missing punches


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