Take the hassle out of time & attendance with IPS employee scheduler

Managers and supervisors know that the setup and tracking of employee work schedules can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

But there are painless options to consider that can also reduce the number of hours employers put in following where staffers are and what they’re accomplishing on the job.

As part of IPS’ time & attendance, the employee scheduler is a tool that can effectively track time, build shifts and even curb time theft. It can help employers best determine what resources they need, when, and where.

The key benefits include:

  • Alerts & Notifications – Set up alerts to let you know when employees clock in late, leave early, or track under/over hours worked
  • Online Access – Allow employees to quickly access their schedule through ESS online or a mobile app
  • Advanced Shift Management – Easily create shifts with a set start and end time or alert employees of open shifts with a specified number of hours available. Color code them to see at a glance who’s working together to help employees and managers determine if there’s adequate coverage on staff. Shifts can also be copied and moved one worker to another, or among several employees
  • Detailed Scheduling – Create schedule rules and apply a repeating schedule for a set date range (or indefinitely) to any employee. Filter employees during the scheduling process and have the ability to view a schedule daily, weekly and beyond

There’s incredible flexibility with our employee scheduler. Contact your IPS representative to learn more.