Onboarding employees: technology streamlines the hiring process and sets expectations for new staff

Fall is considered the final hiring spree of the year for businesses before the holiday season and coming New Year.

So, if a candidate has accepted your recent job offer, are you prepared to efficiently and successfully merge that employee into your organization and company culture?
“Employee onboarding is often the first experience that a new hire has with the company,” says Pete Feaman, vice-president at IPS. “A disorderly process for that person can affect the confidence they have in the company.”

If a new hire is not properly trained or introduced to their work responsibilities, or their phone, computer or desk is not set up before their first day in the office, HR experts say the chances increase for that person to quit a few weeks later or leave with less than six months on the job.

At IPS, New Hire Onboarding is a feature within our iSolved technology solution, which organizes employee integration, sets expectations for new hires and streamlines the job selection process for HR staff and hiring managers through a simple online interface.

  • iSolved provides employees with an electronic solution for completing paperwork. The new employee enters their information directly into the system, which eliminates the need for an HR or payroll administrator to enter the data from paper forms.
  • The Onboarding Wizard guides a new worker through the computer screens required to complete their employee data. Once the information is entered, they receive an electronic confirmation for final review.
  • An employer can even customize a new employee’s experience using Onboarding Templates, which define the messages, documents and computer screens a new staff member sees in the Onboarding Wizard. A business has the ability to create multiple Onboarding Templates to distinguish various groups of new hires, such as union versus non-union or salary versus hourly workers.

At IPS, our comprehensive platform includes the most modern, applicant tracking solution available, which allows companies to easily drive the critical decisions necessary to develop their workforce. Once onboarded, the data doesn’t stop there. It continues down the stream to time, payroll and benefits enrollment.

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