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In matters of payroll, it’s important to have technology that works with you, not against you. That’s why IPS is proud to utilize iSolved technology for our comprehensive payroll and HCM service offerings.

Through iSolved, IPS delivers unified solutions for:

My husband and I each have a business and it has been very nice not worrying about payroll and quarterly reports. IPS keeps you informed of any changes with regards to the government, and they send out the payroll info very quickly.

-Sally F.
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A cut above

With IPS technology, clients always have full access to their payroll and HCM data – anywhere and at any time. Immediately after logging in, clients find our user interface intuitive to operate, easy to integrate and flexible enough to meet their needs.
Working with IPS provides the perfect blend of:

Cloud-based technology
Maximum accessibility is always at your fingertips.

Single access point
Everything you need to manage the entire life cycle of your employees is available in one convenient location.

Complete reporting
Find the exact information you’re looking for regarding all of your employees

Automated Processing
Increase efficiencies and save real money.

Help desk
Our responsive team of payroll specialists is ready to help with any questions you might have.