iSolved Go app is retiring soon

For years, iSolved’s popular “Go” App has been the choice for industries with on-the-go employees to clock their hours from mobile devices. It was a convenient and accurate way for supervisors to track time & attendance of their mobile workers.

So, with the news that “Go” will sunset on June 30, 2022, IPS is officially transitioning customers to Adaptive Employee Experience (AEE). The new app, designed to improve and simplify employee functions whether working remotely or in the office, is a perfect option for the growing shift toward the hybrid workplace. AEE is accessible on any employee device whether phones, tablets or computers.

For a quick guide on the benefits of Adaptive Employee Experience, check out this article or reach out directly to your customer support representative. Watch for more information on the AEE rollout in the coming days and weeks from your IPS team.