AEE: a modern and personalized experience from any device

IPS is currently in the process of rolling out our new Adaptive Employee Experience (AEE) to customers. This new personalized and user-friendly interface from iSolved™ makes it easier than ever for employees and managers to access important information – from payroll to time tracking, HR and more – across multiple devices, whether in office or remote.

All of the changes in today’s workplace focus on using technology to support the employee experience,” says John Feaman, IPS president. “If you have remote workers, the easiest way for them to submit a time off request is electronically. One company was having problems doing this on another firm’s software. Requests were even being texted directly to the owner. When we told them AEE was an easy solution they were excited to get on board.”

Additional benefits of AEE include:

  • Electronic onboarding of new hires from a mobile device
  • Downloading employee W2s directly from the platform
  • Reviewing paychecks and accessing a payment history archive
  • View upcoming/pending/past time off requests
  • No longer need a separate app to access iSolved™
  • Employee message and document acknowledgment
  • Additional manager/supervisor accessibility to employee data
  • Update beneficiaries/dependents (based on permissions)

We will be reaching out to customers now throughout 2022 with more information on when AEE will be ready for your company. Stay tuned!