IPS helps Security Glass Block better their payroll

Brianna and Nick Behselich took over leadership of Security Glass Block in October 2019 as the third husband-and-wife duo to own the 30+-year-old West Allis company. Security Glass Block is known for fabricating and installing glass block windows throughout greater Milwaukee and southern Wisconsin.

In the short time the Behselich’s have owned the company, Security Glass Block has grown, requiring more space, and ultimately leading to a move into a larger Waukesha location.

“We have an amazing group of workers here,” says Brianna Behselich. “So, our goal is to retain the employees we’ve trained and keep building our business.

“I remember looking into an IRA for our team with our previous payroll provider and we were told we would have to handle it ourselves. And I thought, ’Don’t we pay you to do this?’ Feeling frustrated, we decided to make some changes.”  

The Behselich’s turned to their accountant, Michael Betters, who has been with Security Glass Block since the beginning.

“When Michael heard we were unhappy, he recommended IPS to fill the voids we were dealing with. We got in touch with President John Feaman and partnered with the firm soon after.

“Incredibly the system we were using before is the same one available to us through IPS. The difference is we now have better communication and training about what we can and need to do. From the beginning, Ashlie Bruce (IPS Senior HCM Specialist) gave us an incredible overview. IPS also established a Time and Attendance solution so employee hours are automatically entered into the system. Before, Nick was adding up everyone’s hours, which was not a good use of his time.”

Brianna says the transition to IPS was incredibly smooth.

“There is comfort in working with IPS. I can do all the things I was asking about for the past two years with the other payroll company. I appreciate the independence but am glad to know they are always there to help.”

“In fact, when the first payroll went out that included our IRA deductions, I wondered if I forgot to do something, and my husband reminded me, ‘Ashlie is taking care of it all.’”

Impressed by the IPS team’s helpful and positive attitude, Brianna says there has never been a time when the person who answers the phone at IPS couldn’t help her.

“They always answer with enthusiasm and energy. Their company is amazing.”