IPS helps clients avoid tax penalties

With April 17 (tax day) just a few short days away, now is a great time to remind business owners how working with a professional payroll company helps them avoid paying Uncle Sam unwanted penalties and fees.

Certified Tax Professionals

The ever-changing tax system can feel overwhelming. IPS employs dedicated professionals whose full time job is to simplify the complexities of the payroll process, stay informed about changes to the current tax code, and make sure all information is recorded and transmitted correctly and on time. Compliance will never be an issue with IPS in your corner.

Reliable Payroll Tax Advice

Not having someone to turn to when you need help can be a frustrating experience. For all of your payroll tax preparation needs, our Certified Public Accountants and Payroll Specialist are here to help. We work hard to take the stress out of tax day for our clients – and that means you can count on us to answer your calls, return your emails and respond to any questions you might have in a timely, friendly manner each and every time.

Smarter Tax Technology

It’s imperative to have tax technology that works for you, not against you. Every year there are changes to the tax code that need to be accounted for, and frankly, some systems just can’t keep up. At IPS, our cloud-based technologies allow for maximum accessibility to your records at any time. Automated processing and comprehensive reporting tools help ensure a watchful eye is always kept on your payroll and tax records.

Comprehensive Tax Services

When a business becomes larger and more diverse, it’s common place for its annual tax preparations to follow suit. IPS helps relieve the burden of tax filing by processing, filing, and paying all payroll related taxes to the appropriate agencies. Clients always feel safe and secure turning to IPS for tax services. For more information on our tax and payroll services, click HERE.