IPS Expands Again! Say Hello to Camille Pierce, Payroll Specialist

When Camille Pierce joined the IPS team, she brought a degree in Accounting and more than 15 years of payroll industry experience with her. As clients are already finding out, her ability to immediately “plug & play” on client matters has proven to be a great asset. Camille recently answered a few questions to help others learn a little bit more about IPS’s newest employee.

While you’re the newest member of the IPS team, you already have 15 years of payroll and accounting experience to your name. How has that been valuable?
The biggest benefit comes from simply knowing the industry, its laws, the terminology, and the different issues involved. That gives me a leg up in working with our customers. I immediately know which questions to ask, and I can help them better understand any complex tax or payroll matters.

What was attractive to you about working for IPS?
Honestly, it’s the people. From the moment I interviewed, I just got a great feeling about the team. Everyone was so genuine; it immediately made me feel welcome. I knew it’s where I wanted to be.

What do you like most about being a Payroll Specialist?
IPS has hundreds of clients, so I know that my work literally impacts thousands of people. Getting to talk to and help some of them each and every day means a lot to me.   

So, you’re a Chicago Bears fan. Not much to cheer for since ’85. What’s that been like exactly – especially while living in Wisconsin?
I think this interview is over now 🙂