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Payroll and HCM services are necessary to any successful organization. And while running a business can be challenging, choosing your payroll provider doesn’t have to be. Trusting IPS with your payroll makes things easy.

Our team is committed to making every customer experience and interaction pleasant and hassle-free. IPS works with clients every step of the way to make sure their needs are met each and every time. We take the time to understand our customers and their business, and we enjoy working together to achieve their goals.

John Feaman


As a Certified Public Accountant, John Feaman still loves to roll up his sleeves and dig into the details with clients. Armed with degrees in both accounting and finance, John takes great pride in creating business solutions that make a difference. But perhaps most of all, he enjoys the opportunity to connect with his clients. For John, it just means a little more when you can help people you know.

Away from the desk, John is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys spending time on the golf course or knee-deep in the water doing a bit of fly fishing. Not limited to warm-weather activities, John also loves to hit the slopes in the winter; once even winning a big air snowboarding competition.

Pete Feaman

vice president

As his clients tell it, Pete Feaman is not your typical Certified Public Accountant. He’s more like a friend who takes the time to listen and understand them … and he also just happens to be really great at solving payroll problems. As Pete would tell it, payroll service isn’t one-size-fits-all. Instead, it’s about getting to know each individual and figuring out what works best for them.

Have you ever heard of, yet alone visited, Brule, Wisconsin? If not, Pete will be the first one to tell you what a lovely spot it is for vacationing. Whether it’s kayaking, canoeing, trout fishing or hunting, Pete and his family live by the mantra, “It’s better in Brule!”

Camille Pierce

operations manager

Camille Pierce is no stranger to the payroll industry. She brings with her more than 15 years of industry expertise, a degree in accounting and will soon add a degree in forensic accounting as well. It’s this sheer breadth and depth of experience that helps Camille make a difference for her IPS clients.

In her free time, Camille is lover of gardening, breakfast food, cheesecake and the Chicago Bears – not necessarily in that order. Green Bay Packer fans, you’ve been warned. But what some might not know is Camille also loves classic cars and motorcycles. So it makes a lot of sense for her to list The Italian Job as her favorite movie.

Ashlie Bruce

senior hcm specialist

Ashlie Bruce loves putting her accounting degree to meaningful use on behalf of IPS clients. According to Ashlie, there is always so much to do and so many great people to work with, that every day really is an adventure. IPS clients appreciate that Ashlie is a quick study and inherently perceptive to their needs.

Ask Ashlie about her favorite food, she’s sure to share tales of mouthwatering chocolate cupcakes filled with raspberry jam. Ask about her favorite movie and be ready to hear about the bombastic stylings of Mad Max: Fury Road. And if you ask Ashlie to officiate your wedding – well, she can do that too.

Sarah Kempf

payroll specialist

Sarah Kempf is an organized, detail-oriented, people person that’s good with numbers. So basically, she’s exactly the kind of person you want working on your payroll account. A graduate from UW La Crosse, Sarah first worked in the payroll business while in high school. Her clients are happy she came back to the industry to pursue a career.

Following in the Feaman family tradition, Sarah also loves the outdoors. So Wisconsin is the ideal place for her to enjoy all four seasons when not in the office. But, don’t think she’s content to spend all her time in the badger state. Sarah’s goal is to vacation in all 50 states. She’s currently at 21 and counting. And no, driving through a state doesn’t count!

Ruxy McPherson

payroll specialist

Ruxy McPherson comes armed with a degree in Marketing Management (and German) from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota. But as good as she is with numbers, clients are quick to gravitate toward Ruxy’s infectious personality. She has knack for relating to people, and is especially skilled at calming potentially stressful situations.

Hailing from a deeply-rooted European ancestry, Ruxy is fluent in three languages (Romanian, German, and English). And she still enjoys reading from a book of famous German fairytales from time to time. But when it comes to a top vacation spot, Ruxy’s quick to trade in her lederhosen from a swimsuit and head toward the nearest tropical resort. However, if they happen to offer a great mani/pedi and serve a delicious peach cobbler, she might never return.

Alyssa Jones-Plutte

customer service representative

As our customer service representative, Alyssa Jones-Plutte enjoys the workplace culture, her colleagues and learning new things every day. After earning her degree in education from UW-Milwaukee, Alyssa taught sixth grade English and social studies in Waukesha. Her experience in the classroom lends itself well to the communication, planning, problem-solving and management skills needed for her role.

History is a favorite subject for Alyssa. Her go-to vacation spot is Washington, D.C. When she’s not quilting, knitting, hiking or reading, Alyssa can be found cheering on any Wisconsin sports team, especially the Packers. And while she happily embraces winter, Alyssa admits she cannot live without a heated blanket.

Ellie Ebben

hcm specialist
& administrative

Having transitioned out of the healthcare industry, Ellie Ebben knows what it means to give the best service possible. Making a difference in clients’ lives is second-nature to her. Ellie’s attentiveness and love of asking questions help her learn something new about the payroll industry every day.

As a naturally inquisitive person, it’s no surprise that Ellie is a Jeopardy fanatic. When not learning a new factoid, you can find Ellie curled up on the couch watching an action movie—Jurassic Park, anyone? — or a Cubs game with a bowl of popcorn.

I worked with two national payroll companies prior to IPS. What an improvement in service, and they are much more reasonable! It’s so great when I have a question to talk directly to the team.

-Loretta D.
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