IPS Customer Spotlight – Lake Country DockHounds

2022 marked the inaugural season for the Lake Country DockHounds at Wisconsin Brewing Company Park in Oconomowoc. The team is a member of the American Association of Professional Baseball, which is an official partner league of Major League Baseball (MLB).

“We provide fun, affordable sports and community entertainment to greater Lake Country and southeast Wisconsin,” says DockHounds Managing Partner Tim Neubert.

With fan giveaways, “Bat Dog” days, and theme nights, the DockHounds are fast becoming a popular attraction in Lake Country. Things quiet down during the off-season when the team employs around 10 people. But from May to September, the number climbs to more than 200 workers to accommodate customer service needs and demand. The hike in employees creates a definite challenge, Neubert says.

“It’s all about trying to manage payroll when we are in-season.”

Based on a referral, the DockHounds were recommended to partner with IPS.

“Following a consultation, we enrolled the DockHounds in electronic onboarding, time and attendance, and payroll,” says IPS Vice President Pete Feaman. “General Manager Trish Rasberry told us what she wanted and needed to be successful. She was aware of these tools from her previous work with other professional sports teams and athletic clubs in the area, so we guided her and supported her throughout the process.”

Now DockHounds’ employees use such tools as clock in, clock out and there’s a centralized place for all employee hiring.

“Everything is much more streamlined,” adds IPS President John Feaman. “All W-4, Direct Deposit, and tax information are in one place.”

Neubert is pleased with IPS’ solutions and support. The staff is better organized and more efficient, he says.

“IPS provided our company with the equipment and the process that allows us to onboard employees quickly and manage the week-to-week payroll information in a more concise manner,” adds Neubert. “We are also in compliance with the needed payroll requirements of the State of Wisconsin and the federal government.

“I would definitely recommend IPS. It is a collaborative company with solid customer service.”