Electronic Onboarding and Messaging engages remote and in-office employees

With more remote workers joining company payrolls – especially those employed in other tax states – IPS is increasingly guiding customers through the Electronic Onboarding process. Even small businesses that never thought about hiring out of state are out of necessity expanding their search boundaries for qualified and available workers.

The goal is to help these companies engage with new employees as quickly and seamlessly as possible. IPS’ systems assist employees through their career journey, from start to finish.

“Utilizing our Electronic Onboarding solutions allows for instant connection and communication with new hires and current staff,” says John Feaman, president of IPS. “With it, workers can sign off on PTO or the employee handbook, note digital meeting attendance, communicate about snow days and more. It all can happen through this service.”

Our solutions help:

  • Keep employees informed, engaged and empowered by promoting collaboration and providing immediate feedback channels
  • Leverage talent to increase productivity and performance by using workstreams that align with organizational needs
  • Meet employees where they are with consumer-grade technology and mobile-first experiences
  • Retain your best talent and reduce employee turnover by increasing satisfaction through rewards, encouragement and interoffice connectivity

To learn more about Electronic Onboarding and Messaging and how it can benefit your business, contact your IPS representative.