Inside Look: Home Health Care & Assisted Living

With November serving as national home care and hospice month, now is the perfect time to address the hotbed of payroll and human capital management (HCM) activity for the ever-growing aging care industry. According to recent statistics provided by the National Association for Home Care and Hospice (HAHC), more than 5 million Americans received in-home care last year. And according to data provided by American Senior Communities, another 1 million Americans live in assisted living facilities.

As the aging population increases, the need for these services will continue to see a significant bump as well. And as can be expected, it’s not uncommon for typical aging care providers to experience a sizable portion of turnover for its day-to-day staff over the course of a year – and that makes having a reliable payroll system a vital part of any health care company’s administrative arm.

IPS currently partners with more than 20 home health care companies and assisted living facilities, each leveraging our comprehensive payroll processing solutions to keep their back office free of unnecessary payroll disruptions. Many of our aging care clients effortlessly track employee time & attendance through our mobile and online connectivity portals. In addition, our applicant tracking solution (ATS) provides them with automated opportunities for:

  • electronic job board postings
  • candidate tracking
  • onboarding & employee status changes

“I see our aging care clients continuing to blossom as they make use of the payroll tools afforded to them,” says Leslie Kiefer, IPS Vice President. “Our ATS technology alone makes the hiring process so much easier for them, from helping to schedule interviews all the way through getting their employees paid; we offer them a seamless transition throughout.”

For more information on payroll and HCM services for aging care organizations and facilities, be sure to contact IPS.

“Checking in with a Patient” flickr photo by shared under a Creative Commons (BY-ND) license