ESS enhances your employees’ mobile experience

Employee Self-Service, or ESS, is a personalized and user-friendly interface that makes it easier for employees and managers to securely access their data. From HR to payroll, talent and performance to timekeeping, ESS gives them complete control whether in the office or working remotely.

What are some of the top benefits of ESS?

  • Download employee W2s directly from the platform
  • Review paychecks and access a payment history archive
  • Request and approve time-off and review time-off balances
  • Access to schedules, absences, and an hourly summary in a filterable calendar
  • Acknowledge employee messages and documents
  • Allow additional manager/supervisor access to employee data
  • Update emergency contacts, beneficiaries/dependents (with permission)

“ESS helps clients deliver a streamlined user experience for their workforce,” says Pete Feaman, IPS vice-president. “From hire to retirement and everything in between”

For more on ESS, contact your IPS representative.