Employees Self-Service (ESS) increases efficiencies in business payroll

With automation involved in so many of today’s business processes, it’s only natural that electronic onboarding and Employee Self-Service (ESS) take on a larger role in HR-related activities.

Though some businesses may fear the unknown of saying goodbye to their “paper trail process,” the reality is moving toward an electronic system will save countless of hours and help streamline employee data management.

Once an employee is logged on to ESS, they can import their data directly without the assistance of an HR administrator. Having immediate online access then makes it possible for any employee (new or existing) to review their:

  • Job summary
  • Pay statements and tax statements, even printing them off
  • Tax withholding amount in their W-4
  • Direct deposit information, mailing address, and more

Once entered, the information is stored electronically and can be added to other online documents in a couple of clicks. There’s peace of mind knowing that you can access and update information digitally as needed in a safe way.

Think about your company’s employee handbook. When this digest of important practices is available electronically and not simply in book form, staff can approve and sign off online. No more papers to file away. This upgrade allows employees to see your business as professional. The electronic option also sets the right tone for how you communicate with your workers.

Electronic onboarding decreases those unnecessary steps, especially for tasks involving HR. There’s no more waiting for paper documents to arrive in the mail. Onboarding time is also greatly reduced along with the chances of something going wrong. If you’ve ever lost a paper application and had to repeat the process, you know how maddening it can be.

Want to make a seamless transition from paper to electronic onboarding? Contact your IPS representative.