Take the Hassle out of PTO and Summer Vacations

Many of our clients are managing their employees’ schedules throughout these summer months as vacation time results in more people taking time off.

IPS can help make your life a lot easier during this busy time of year and beyond. Whether vacation, sick leave, or a floating holiday, IPS can help with them all, including:

  • Building the policy, accrual rates, and limits
  • Leveraging technology to increase automation throughout the entire accrual process
  • Employee access to plan details, current balances, and future or projected balances
  • Offering reports of hours earned and used, the dollar value of the liability for accounting ledgers, and available balances on every payday

“We streamline the process,” says Pete Feaman, IPS Vice President. “Your employees have the ability to submit time off requests electronically. From there, supervisors will receive email notifications requiring them to review and take action on the request. Email notifications are sent for each status update or change.”

In addition, IPS’ software shares time off calendars with employees, administrators and supervisors to make them aware of team members upcoming days out of the office.

If you need help with PTO accruals and electronic time off requests, contact your IPS representative.