Streamlining processes beyond payroll helps non-profit save time and money

Secure Futures, a Milwaukee-based leader in teen financial literacy, teaches young men and women how to budget, responsibly manage credit and save money in the critical years before they graduate high school and go out into the real world.

Since 2006, their life-skills curriculum has positively influenced the financial behavior of more than 100,000 teenagers.

So, when you’re a non-profit focused on helping teenagers understand the value and power of money, executing sound financial decisions aligns with your business goals as well.

A few years ago, SecureFutures was struggling to find the right balance with a payroll partner. With each setback, President & CEO Brenda Campbell grew more concerned about recurring issues impacting their bottom line.

“I had been working with this payroll provider for a couple of years and was extremely frustrated,” recalls Campbell.  “They regularly made mistakes processing our payroll taxes. The customer service was atrocious.  I would call for help, and get transferred from one incompetent and unhelpful agent to another.”

Campbell was ready to take her business to a local firm. In January 2013, SecureFutures made it official, hiring IPS for all of their payroll needs.

“IPS offers a fair and reasonable price, and the most incredible customer service I have ever experienced,” Campbell maintains. “Each one of their people has gone above and beyond to provide exceptional service. Our business may be small, but IPS always treats me like a valued customer. They take the time needed to walk me through procedures and help me understand the process.”

Last year, IPS implemented additional services for SecureFutures in personal, sick, and vacation accruals as well as time off requests processed through employee self-service (ESS).

“With these upgrades, SecureFutures is able to use more of our technology and streamline some of their processes beyond just payroll,” says IPS Vice President Pete Feaman.

Campbell says these enhancements from IPS have been a game-changer for SecureFutures, saving them time and ensuring accuracy in their time-keeping records.

“Saving time and money means that SecureFutures can serve more teens and focus our effort on helping kids become money smart and life smart,” Campbell says.

Though it’s been several years since Campbell left her former payroll provider, she still receives offers of big discounts and sign-on bonuses for her return business. She doesn’t hesitate to tell them that no amount of money will win her back.

“Working with IPS, I know that my payroll is going to get done timely, accurately, and at a fair price. I have recommended IPS to others, including my husband. Hands down, IPS offers the best customer service in the business. It’s clear that they care, and they go out of their way to deliver the best possible customer experience.”