Streamline Employee Onboarding with E-Verify

Hiring new employees can be time-consuming for HR and recruiting professionals.

Now, IPS has the capability to integrate E-verify into your HR process.

With this new offering in our product line, verifying and onboarding new hires is much simpler for our clients, including those with multi-tax states.

“E-Verify checks an employee’s Form I-9 information against records from the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security to confirm their eligibility to work in the U.S.,” says John Feaman. “This system ensures compliance with federal laws requiring employers to hire only individuals legally authorized to work.”

This isolved solution enhances the process by electronically delivering results within seconds. This efficiency ensures legal employment quickly and easily.

Contact your IPS representative today and discover how E-Verify can streamline your onboarding process.