Spotlight: Automated payroll process offers peace of mind to marketing firm

Chad Ritterbusch of TRG Marketing in Brookfield considers IPS an extension of his business.

“As a marketing firm, we help companies and non-profits grow through careful advice and a host of activities. We maintain a balance that requires constant attention without sacrificing our client relationships or our people.”

Ritterbusch discovered that IPS follows a similar philosophy, one that’s grounded in customer service, trusted partnerships and expertise. So, in 2011, when growing frustration with another payroll provider came to a head, Ritterbusch says a referral from a TRG employee led him to IPS. The company has been handling the marketing firm’s payroll needs ever since.

“We were working with a big national payroll company and over time began to experience some disruptions in service,” recalls Ritterbusch. “We didn’t feel like we were getting the high-level advice and counsel that we needed. We also wanted a business based where we were – in southeastern Wisconsin – working with someone who is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction.”

What IPS offers TRG is an automatic process or “process without call” (PWC) for payroll.

“With this offering, TRG doesn’t have to worry about payroll deadlines or forgetting to pay their most important assets – employees,” says Pete Feaman of IPS. “Twice a month, we automatically process the payroll, take care of direct deposits, and taxes. Chad gets an email notification that payroll is complete. The bookkeeper is also alerted so that she can log in online and check any reports she needs.”

Feaman adds PWC is ideal for firms like TRG that have all salaried employees and a low turnover rate. Another benefit of PWC is “employee self-service” (ESS). Feaman says with ESS, employees can log in to the company system and view their check stubs or W2’s. There’s also an option to download an app for staff to access ESS on a smartphone.

The bottom line for Chad Ritterbusch is that he no longer worries about payroll.

“IPS and their genius processes are so efficient for us now. I know they are providing us with what we need to take care of our employees through payroll issues, filing the necessary government reports and so on. I can focus on our business and not get hung up on issues that are not core to the work we do at TRG Marketing.”

“They are smart people, who provide great service in an honest way. To them, it’s not just about payroll services or HR solutions. IPS wants us to grow as a business and they have helped us to do that.”