At IPS, we know that you expect accurate and efficient payroll processing from our team and we strive to deliver that every day.

So, as the labor market evolves in today’s fast-moving age, you should know there is so much more that we can help you manage including:

Applicant Tracking

Need help managing and organizing the recruiting and hiring employees? Our applicant tracking solution seamlessly integrates into our electronic onboarding and payroll solutions.  In addition, we will build out a custom career page on your website. It’s an easy process to automatically push job posts to your social media accounts, job boards, and your website. A click of a button is all it takes to schedule an interview. Review and analyze how and where you receive qualified applicants for consideration. Connect with job candidates by email or text.


Move employees from dated-manual practices into the digital age while saving time and money as we customize your needs. In minutes, new hires are introduced step-by-step to company culture and important information – all before their first day. In addition, our onboarding solutions can feed directly into our Work Opportunity Tax Credit program (WOTC).

Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)

If we’re already handling your payroll, IPS can determine your tax credit eligibility. For example, WOTC is a federal income tax credit for private sector employers that hire from certain target groups with employment barriers. Many organizations are not aware of this incentive and the cumbersome steps required to submit. At IPS, we capture the information needed and make the process easier for you.

Benefits Enrollment

Streamline your open enrollment and benefits administration.  Your employee benefits are completely integrated with payroll and human resources, giving you and your employees a “one-stop shop” for benefits, payroll and 401(k) integration.

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Empower employees by providing them immediate online access to their benefits, pay and performance with ESS. Now they can maintain their own profiles, access pay stubs, view and print their W-2 online, submit time off requests, select insurance, enroll in benefits and more. Managers can even access their team’s career data, including training, salary and professional development.

PTO and Holidays

Take the hassle out of paid time off and holidays. Our technology helps streamline the process and increase automation throughout the entire PTO process. With electronic submission of vacation requests, supervisors receive email notifications to review and take action. Employees gain access to plan details, current balances, and future or projected PTO balances. In addition, calendars can be shared so everyone knows who out – and when.

And remember, IPS technology is always accessible for remote and mobile employees. Want to know more? Reach out to IPS today