Provide a better employee experience … by design.

Providing data access anywhere on any device is more important now than ever before. Whether working from home, in the office or on the go, empowering your employees with a better user experience helps them feel valued and can increase their general productivity.

That’s why IPS has introduced the Adaptive Employee Experience (AEE) – a personalized user interface that exceeds employee expectations and makes it easier than ever to access important information. It’s user-friendly, intuitive, and fully responsive across all devices.

With AEE, employees and managers get instant access to the tools they need, from HR to payroll, talent and performance to time tracking. It’s all built into one seamless technology.

Benefits include:

  • Mobile electronic onboarding
  • Year-end form, available at your employees’ fingertips
  • Pay history to view earnings at a glance
  • Full paycheck details and an archive
  • Modern time cards with simplified tracking
  • Filterable calendar with access to schedules, absences, and an hourly summary
  • Time-off balances and requests
  • Emergency contacts, beneficiaries, and dependents
  • Federal reporting data
  • A customized experience at every login

Whether you’re on iOS, Android or a desktop computer, IPS helps futureproof your business with our new comprehensive, employee-focused platform. Be sure to contact us today to learn more.