A few minutes with … Pete Feaman, Friend of Nashotah

In our first installment of this IPS series, we catch up with Vice President Pete Feaman about why he became involved with Friends of Nashotah, and how the non-profit is supporting and creating awareness for numerous local charities.

What is Friends of Nashotah?

Pete: Friends of Nashotah is a non-profit that gives 100% of money raised back to our community. I say “our” because all of the proceeds are returned to local Lake Country organizations. Here are some of the groups we support:

Tell us about the group’s largest annual fundraiser, the Wild Game Dinner.

Pete: The Wild Game Dinner is held in March each year at the Red Circle Inn in Nashotah. The dinner and auction are attended by more than 200 Lake Country residents, many who return year after year. The dinner is tailored around the outdoor enthusiast. We raffle off items such as an ATV, mountain bikes, hunting rifles, and various cash and prizes. It’s a great way for someone who loves the outdoors to eat a great meal, get a night out, and take a chance on cash and prizes all while contributing to local charities. We expect to distribute close to $50,000 to local charities from this year’s event.

Why did you get involved in Friends of Nashotah?

Pete: I was asked to attend the Friends of Nashotah Annual Wild Game Dinner several years ago as a guest. I knew another Delafield business owner who was involved in the organization and he thought I would enjoy it because of my love for the outdoors. After attending, I was asked if I would like to help organize the dinner so I volunteered. Two years ago, they asked me to join the board as treasurer, and I’ve been serving in that role ever since.