Meet IPS’ HCM Specialist Mikayla Burt

We are pleased to announce the addition of HCM Specialist Mikayla Burt to the IPS team.  Find out what motivates her in her professional and personal life, which includes her love for yoga, hiking and the Green Bay Packers, (not necessarily in that order.)

Mikayla, you joined IPS after Thanksgiving in 2023. Tell us what you were most looking forward to about working here?

“I admire how much John and Pete Feaman truly care about their clients and employees. When you have leaders who care, it motivates and inspires people like me to work harder and be more engaged. I want to work where I could grow, and develop more skills and knowledge. I truly enjoy the atmosphere. Everyone is willing to help when needed.”

What are the special qualities or skills that make you good at your job?  

“When it comes to critical thinking and problem solving, I’ve always been able to figure out solutions even in a fast-paced environment. As far as finding initiative, I’ve been able to motivate myself to find new tasks to complete and make sure that my work is high quality – even on a slow day. I am good at time management and making sure projects are finished before their deadlines. I love to learn whether it’s expanding my skill set, adapting to situations, or improving myself.”

What’s the first thing you do when you get to the office in the morning and the last thing you do before you leave at night?

“Every morning, I like to walk around to everyone’s office space, say good morning and ask about their night.”

Tell us something about you that others might not know?

“I’m ambidextrous, (people who can use their right and left hands equally well). It takes me forever to figure out which hand I’m more dominant with when it comes to sports.”