IRS Revises Form I-9; Required for New Employees

An updated Form I-9 released by the IRS on August 1, 2023, must be submitted by employers to confirm new hires and re-verify eligible employees beginning November 1, 2023. If an organization is found in violation of using an older Form I-9, it could lead to an audit or fines.

Also known as the Employment Eligibility Verification Form, Form I-9 proves a person’s identity and eligibility to work in the U.S.

“isolved will make sure the correct I-9 is utilized through our electronic onboarding solution,” says Dan Gotzler, vice president of sales and marketing. “Mobile optimization of this onboarding tool is crucial and IPS provides this capability for clients through our technology.”

Several changes to the new Form I-9 include:

  • The Preparer/Translator Certification (Section 1) and Re-verification and Rehire (Section 3) are now separate documents that employers can give employees, if necessary.
  • Terminology changes in Section 1 replace “alien authorized to work” to “non-citizen authorized to work.”
  • Tablets and mobile devices can be used to complete Form I-9 electronically. The one-page form can also be downloaded.
  • A check box is available for employers to determine whether Form I-9 documentation aligns with the new alternative verification process.

If current employees have correctly filled out Form I-9, it is not necessary for a new form to be completed, unless re-verification of an employee occurs after October 31, 2023.

For questions about the new Form I-9, be sure to contact us.