IPS welcomes Ellie Ebben to the team

Ellie Ebben joined us in April as an HCM Specialist and Administrative Assistant. Here is what Ellie has to say about her new role, what she loves about the job, and the TV game show she cannot live without.

You come to IPS with a professional background in healthcare. Tell us about your experience.

Ellie: Making a difference is important to me and I love working with people. For six years, I was a scheduling coordinator for two different area home care companies. I also worked part- time at a local hospital as a care technician and floated between the med-surgery floor and day surgery. There was always something new to learn from the diverse patient population and that’s what I loved about the job. After returning to work from maternity leave earlier this year, I decided to leave healthcare and here I am at IPS. The payroll industry has so many moving parts. Every day I learn something new.

Changing careers to a different industry can be challenging. What have these first few months been like for you?

Ellie: I’ve been overwhelmed by the kindness and support from everyone in the office. Camille and Pete are tremendously helpful, going in depth to explain taxes and benefits. I like to know the whole picture – the “why” behind it all – and everyone has been so patient with me, using different scenarios and metaphors to help me grasp the concepts. I’m really interested in learning more about benefits. This time is incredibly exciting for me.

And now for our IPS Rapid Round, tell us the first thing that comes to mind:

  • Luxury item can you not live without? My robot vacuum.
  • Favorite hobbies? Abstract painting, walking around downtown Oconomowoc and Fowler Lake, and spending time with my family (husband and 7-month-old son, JJ).
  • Favorite book? I read a lot of self-help books. It’s never too late to be better, do better, and grow as an individual.
  • Favorite movie? Jurassic Park or any Bruce Willis movie. I love the action!
  • What is one thing about you others might not know? I am a fraternal triplet. My brothers are Jack and Joe. While we have different interests, hobbies, and dislikes, there’s an unspoken bond between us. When we were younger, we had our own language and I would interpret for my mom.

We understand that you often hang out at your parent’s house and watch Jeopardy. Because you love the show, if you could create a Jeopardy category and clue, what would it be?

Jurassic Park for $1000.
This DNA is used to fill in missing dinosaur genomes.
(If you want the answer, reach out to Ellie at IPS.