IPS technology bolsters flexible scheduling in our post-Covid world

For more than a year now, we’ve witnessed a tremendous shift in how we work, especially remotely.  As the business marketplace emerges from Covid-19 restrictions, some of us are eager to be back in the office, while others are happy to continue working off-site.

The current workplace adjustment is the exact scenario that our software was designed to support. It allows employers to collect, manage and process employee time & attendance data for the entire workforce – even if the workforce includes mobile/remote employees or multiple office locations. The technology is flexible enough for companies to determine which data collection works best, whether online, a time clock, or by mobile app.

For example, our Scheduler+ reduces the time spent on scheduling and tracking attendance. Employers can easily build employee schedules, monitor attendance, and compare schedules versus the time that was worked.

Of course, there are additional benefits of flexible scheduling including:

  • Curbing employee absences
  • Increasing worker productivity
  • Saving on the cost of office space
  • Recruiting new hires who want to only work remotely
  • Promoting trust between the company and the employee
  • Providing a better work/life balance for all.

For more on how our time & attendance software can benefit your company, reach out to your IPS representative.