IPS Helps Milwaukee Golf Company Overcome Onboarding Nightmare

Imagine the employee bandwidth necessary to support a business where a quarter of a million rounds of golf are played each year.

It’s the reality for Milwaukee Golf Company, the owner and operator of five golf courses in southeast Wisconsin. It also includes the scheduling, planning and hosting of numerous weddings and banquets on site year-round.

In recent years, as the company acquired golf properties, President Frank Romano began to encounter problems with the payroll firm hired before the takeovers.

“Here I was dealing with hangups from a national brand during the transition,” says Romano. “Each golf course had a time and attendance program that we inherited. It was a payroll nightmare.”

Thanks to a referral from a mutual business partner, Milwaukee Golf Company turned to IPS to begin the rescue and recovery process. There was one exception: Romano chose to use a software onboarding product – not IPS – at one of the courses for a full year. Looking back, he deeply regrets the decision.

“It’s a big deal for golf courses when there’s a seasonal ramp of nearly 400 college students onboarding every six months. I was sold this idea of having one software platform handle our bookkeeping and PNL statements where the integration and data transfer would happen instantly. It was a failure. It cost me a lot of money to hire a consultant to climb out of this horrible experience and get our taxes up to date.

“I reached out to John who was helping my accounting team wind through it all. IPS was the solution that we needed to consolidate, so we turned e-onboarding over to them as of January 1, 2024.”

IPS’ payroll processing will be active at all of the Milwaukee Golf Company’s locations this year along with time and attendance, HR solutions, and the Employee Self-Service portal.

“During the initial business acquisitions, my people were constantly telling me how I should put all of my eggs in the IPS basket,” Frank recalls. “It’s the service they provide that makes them an invaluable part of what we’re doing. They are on it and filing information for us within hours.

“Having comprehensive payroll services under their roof is ideal. IPS produces results, answers our questions and we move forward.”

IPS offers seamless onboarding for organizations with seasonal staff. Contact us today and we’ll guide you through our service and technology solution every step of the way.