Integrate your organization’s 401k with IPS

401k integration

Looking for a customized, cost-effective way to automate your employees 401k retirement plans? Consider a 401k integration with IPS.

Our team offers both a traditional or progressive approach for customers, whether IPS creates the program in-house or integrates what your organization already has in place.

“With the traditional 180 approach, we work with your current payroll, make the necessary deductions, and pass the information along in a secure file to your 401k provider,” says John Feaman, IPS President.

“For a more progressive full-circle approach, we also offer 360 integrations. For example, say there is a request to switch deferrals or demographic information on the 401(K) provider’s system. That information is then communicated to IPS and updated in payroll.”

Feaman says these integrations provide a much more streamlined process for 401k enrollment, securing contributions, and improved overall support and administration of a customer’s plan.

Eliminate any struggles or inconvenience with your company’s retirement savings program and choose 401k integrations from IPS. Reach out to your representative to learn more today.