Electronic Check Stub Delivery: Paperwork Reduction Pays Off

business-paperwork-300x240Many businesses support paperwork reduction because opting for the digital alternative streamlines the work process. Migrating to online payroll services has drastically cut down the paperwork generated when tracking, preparing and administering payroll and benefits. However, it is also important to make sure that employees have access to payroll documentation such as check stubs.

Advantages of Using Electronic Check Stubs

Check stubs serve as evidence of employment status and pay scale. Aside from employees’ personal information, check stubs will include details of hours worked, applicable rate and any bonuses earned. The check stub reflects net earnings and detailed deductions, which are all useful information that employees need to apply for loans, leases and for other purposes.

With an electronic check stub delivery system, employees are assured that they have access to their payroll information whenever they need it. This is especially true with File Guardian’s Electronic Check Stub Delivery system because the information can be accessed using mobile devices or personal computers. FileGuardian is one of the service enhancements offered by Integrated Payroll Services.

With electronic check stubs, Human Resources won’t have to re-create payroll documentation for employees requiring the paperwork to support a loan application for instance. With fewer requests of this nature, HR can focus on core tasks.

This is a more efficient system even for employees. With access to 12 months of electronic pay stubs, employees can download what they need whenever they need it.

How Electronic Check Stubs Improve Efficiency

For clients that are already signed up for online payroll services, adding electronic check stub delivery is a simple matter of contacting Integrated Payroll Services to create a check stub administrator account. Register employees’ email addresses with FileGuardian to route notifications to individual employees.

On the day that electronic check stubs are due, employees receive an email notification. They can access the information using any device of their choosing. The data is optimized for mobile devices as well as personal computers and is downloadable in two simple steps. Data security is ensured through 256-bit encryption.

Elimination of some of the paperwork associated with payroll processing means that fewer work hours are expended to prepare, process, sort and distribute hard copies of check stubs. It will eliminate the time that employees spend on lining up to collect their weekly, biweekly or bimonthly checks and the related paperwork. Additionally, reducing the amount of paperwork generated for back office operations means saving on office supplies, postage and handling expenses while reducing paper waste, which is sound environmental practice for all businesses regardless of size.

Electronic records of check stubs and other employment-related documents are easier to store, track, archive and retrieve. With electronic check stubs, records management is left up to individual employees, relieving payroll services of this task.

Comprehensive Online Payroll Services

The goal of using online payroll services is to create more efficient systems that will improve productivity, improve delivery of services and reduce operational costs. If your business is already benefiting from online payroll processing, consider adding email delivery of electronic check stubs to improve work system efficiency and enhance employee satisfaction.