Communication and Responsiveness Lead to Trusted Partnership 

When Mackenzie Edinger has the opportunity to promote Inclusion Coffee Company, she will say her business offers patrons a terrific breakfast bakery, breakfast sandwiches and burritos, along with fantastic lunch options and wonderful coffee available for catering or luncheons.

But that’s only part of the story behind Edinger’s burgeoning business on Village Square in Hartland.

“Inclusion Coffee Company provides a fun yet challenging environment for neurodiverse individuals,” Edinger says. “Through working at the shop, our employees gain insight and skills to perform tasks such as cooking, making drinks, handling money, customer service, and more. Our goal is to have more than half of our staff positions filled with neurodiverse people.”

It’s always been Edinger’s dream to open a coffee shop that fosters the necessary skills, confidence and “builds independence one cup at a time” for employees who have a different way of processing information. When she launched the business in March of this year, Edinger needed someone to handle payroll. She didn’t have to go far to find a suggestion.

“We were just starting out the business, so we had not worked with any other payroll company,” she recalls. “I heard about IPS through a customer who talked highly of their team. I love word of mouth referrals!”

Right now, IPS handles Inclusion’s payroll and general ledger.

“They are always on top of the game with communication,” says Edinger. “They are fast to respond to questions that we encounter during the week, are super friendly and always have an answer that works for me.”

Edinger is proud to know that she can rely on IPS to take control of this critical step for her business so that she can focus on the mission of Inclusion Coffee Company – helping people with disabilities learn and flourish in a career.