Common Payroll Struggles: Manual Time Entry

Even in this age of driver-less cars and Amazon drone deliveries, it’s still quite common to find businesses, both big and small, still manually entering employee time using a cumbersome spreadsheet-based system. If this sounds like your office, please know there are better options for you.

At IPS, we believe every organization is entitled to a streamlined time-tracking system … one that saves time and improves accuracy.

Just a few months ago, we welcomed a new client into our family. This Wisconsin-based healthcare company came to us after years of relying on an antiquated “in-house” system for handling their payroll. With more than 90 employees on staff, it was common place for various managers and administrators to all have a hand in manually entering payroll information into a spreadsheet. Ultimately, after waiting for everyone to collect and enter the applicable data, the company would finally move things into the processing phase.

However, with so many employees touching the file, occasional mistakes in data-entry would reveal themselves and temporarily grind payroll to halt. Something had to change.

When the client first chose to partner with IPS, we immediately helped them consolidate to a simpler, smoother process decreasing the chance for human error. Soon thereafter, we worked with them to implement an automated time and attendance system that further streamlined their process and increased payroll efficiency across the board.

Today, the company’s payroll is up and running hassle-free. Gone are the days of time-consuming data entry, error prone spreadsheets, and unnecessary delays in processing.

If your company is still caught behind the times with manual-entry payroll, contact us today to talk about better options.