Common Payroll Struggles: Losing a Key Staff Member

For companies that handle their payroll internally, it’s not uncommon to be left in a lurch when the staff member responsible for overseeing payroll departs the team unexpectedly. In fact, we’ve had several clients come to IPS after having an integral HR employee suddenly resign or take ill.

These unplanned losses can cause an extended disruption in payroll services as ownership and management figure out the details pertaining to processing paychecks, paying taxes, managing time, tracking benefits, onboarding new hires, and more. Leadership is typically too far removed from the details to oversee and execute these basic activities and avoid costly delays.

Some companies will look to stabilize by immediately hiring a replacement – however, that person still needs time to learn the job, its responsibilities, and the inherited system before they can prove effective. Or worse yet, that replacement person could also end up departing in a similar fashion leaving the organization right back where it started.

At IPS, we encourage businesses to be open minded to the possibility of partnering with a company whose sole purpose is to provide the very best in comprehensive payroll services. With IPS at the helm, you know that your business won’t suffer any payroll related setbacks. To learn more about how we can help keep your business running during any tumultuous employee departures, be sure to contact us.