Client satisfaction builds trust and partnership

Everdry Waterproofing in the Fox Cities is a full-service basement repair company – a business that today’s homeowners call upon for long-term and emergency needs.

“We offer every fix that’s on the market – from structural issues to stopping the water from coming into the basement,” says Bill Martin, owner. “Whatever we do comes with a full-service lifetime warranty that stays with the home.”

Creating peace of mind for customers is a critical component of doing business for Martin. When he opened a new Everdry Waterproofing location on Providence Avenue in Appleton, Martin was in the market for a payroll services provider to extend that same kind of satisfaction for his operation, and be especially easy to work with.

“We were referred to IPS by Crystal Collins, who was the order processor at that time with another franchise, Wisconsin Everdry Waterproofing in Waukesha,” recalls Martin. “We hired IPS to handle all of our payroll processing, including garnishments for employees deemed by the government.”

HCM Specialist Ruxy McPherson trained Martin and two others on how to use the payroll software program. When a challenge arose that was beyond the expertise of the Everdry team, IPS stepped in to resolve it.

“We accidently entered a dollar amount into the hours column for a salaried employee, and he ended up receiving a check for more than several thousand dollars,” Martin says. “Ruxy jumped in immediately so that the money would not show up as income on the worker’s W-2 form and impact his taxes.”

The hands-on and quick-to-respond approach is what secured Martin’s faith in his payroll firm.

“Everyone at IPS is incredibly helpful to us, especially our representative, Ruxy McPherson. Every time we’ve had an issue, she came up with an easy solution and walked us through it. Ruxy is a great teacher. We are lucky to have her.”

What began as a referral to IPS has come full circle for Martin, who is pleased to now offer his absolute recommendation.

“IPS is efficient and a reasonably priced payroll company. They care about their clients and make sure to assist them to the best of their ability.”