Better manage your remote and mobile workforce with Geotracking

Among the highest costs for businesses today is paying for employees.

Thankfully, with today’s technology, companies have access to a digital footprint of information to more efficiently and effectively calculate worker time and attendance.

For those businesses with multiple locations and mobile or remote employees, geotracking is a fast-growing trend for data collection. Using Global Positioning Systems (GPS), companies are able to supervise their off-site workers through an app on their electronic devices.

IPS offers mobile time-tracking software designed to monitor employees when they are on the job and using the app. Some companies also use mobile time tracking software for safety reasons. Many employees today work off-site and could be involved in accidents or on a job site bracing for bad weather. This option is especially attractive to industries such as health care, construction, landscaping and those who work in the service sector.

How can your company benefit from geotracking?


  • Curb work time lost on the job, access where employees are supposed to be each day and when they start/end their shifts.
  • Connect on short notice with a remote employee to meet up with a customer in need.
  • Improve the accessibility of your team.

Data collection

  • Know “how” your employees are working and what’s being accomplished each day.
  • Think your delivery routes could be faster and more efficient? Uncover ways to enhance productivity.


  • Workers sign in remotely and accurately log their time from a work site, in their vehicles or at home.
  • Create a company culture of accountability and trust, boosting employee morale.

To learn more about implementing geotracking as the time management solution for your business, reach out to your IPS representative.