A better way for electronic employee onboarding and applicant tracking

The competition to hire and retain good employees remains a challenge in today’s marketplace. Our team can further streamline the process with applicant tracking and onboarding from IPS & iSolved.

Applicant Tracking System

Need to manage and organize your recruiting and hiring strategy? Our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a robust solution with built-in efficiencies. Our ATS software adjusts to your unique hiring needs, is backed up by a team of experts to support you, and is designed to maximize your results.

  • Post open positions to major job boards
  • Receive applications from qualified candidates
  • Complete interviews and provide a job offer
  • Email new hire link
  • Review and confirmation of information by new hires
  • Send progress emails

Employee Onboarding

Hiring new candidates and handling all of the necessary paperwork can be overwhelming. If you need a paperless onboarding process and platform to transition to the digital age, look no further than this solution to fit your business’ needs:

  • Seamlessly manage onboarding and compliance documentation
  • All new hire forms, including state and federal tax forms
  • Built-in I-9 automates forms and the process for employees and managers
  • Automated track/recruit dashboards
  • Electronic signatures can be used as a binding agreement
  • Provide a great user experience for new employees

For onboarding, an online interactive question and answer interview can easily be set up for employees. Within minutes, new hires are introduced to company culture and important introductory information that they need to know – guiding them step-by-step – before starting their new job.

For more on how we can help attract and hire new employees with ease, reach out to your IPS representative.